Are we essential? Sadly not.

We’d all like to think we’re invaluable. 

Thinking about whether your services are essential can be a sobering experience. Certainly at times like this when the live entertainment industry is very much on the back burner the answer has to be no – and to that end we made the decision this week to ask our staff to stay safe at home for at least the next three weeks while we keep them employed and paid. We are a company that tries to do the right thing (even when some around us don’t always play by the same rules) and keeping our people and their loved ones safe is a duty we take seriously.

When the world starts to return to some form of normality the evaluation process is, happily, a different one. People being entertained and enjoying life outside of work can be argued to be a necessity for a healthy, functioning society. It’s then a much easier conclusion to reach – we are needed after all.