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Titan Tube is the ultimate LED tube for filmmakers, studios and live events. It emits powerful, tunable whites with ultra-high color rendering, as well as coloured light which can be applied to individual pixels, or the whole tube. The tube offers unlimited range of usage; indoor or outdoor, AC-powered or on battery, on the go with the AsteraApp, with wired or wireless DMX.

Our Titan Tube Kit contains 8 Titan Tubes, with all the essential accessories stored in a durable flight case. You can charge the Titan Tubes from within the case, or remove the charger unit if your Titan Tubes are installed on an event.

In the box

  • 8 Titan Tubes
  • 1 Power box
  • 16 Eyebolts
  • 16 Holders
  • 16 Baby Pins
  • 8 Floor Stands
  • 1 PowerCon True1 Charging Cable
  • 8 Charge Cables

TitanTube Manual

Technical Info

DMX Wireless