“May you live in interesting times” pt2

From yesterday’s post:

“Until the Government decides that public gatherings are banned, then your event or show still has a chance of going ahead. The best you can do at the minute is to put yourself in a position to be reactive to changing circumstances. We’re seeing work being cancelled – but we’re also still seeing work going ahead, some in a reduced capacity but some as if nothing was happening. Be prepared to change plans at short notice – prepare for a worst case scenario and consider how you would deal with it. Anything above that is at the moment, quite frankly, a bonus.”

Following Mr Johnson’s advice yesterday to “avoid” going to theatres, pubs etc.

Yesterday, we spoke of events still continuing here and there. After yesterday’s advice this is now a total loss situation for the industry. It’s as if somebody turned off a big tap and stopped all cashflow coming into businesses like ours all over country, bringing our work to a shuddering halt.

Our Prime Minister’s words were carefully chosen to ensure that while the insurance companies get their escape clauses in order, no business can claim for loss of earnings as they are effective choosing to close down. Cashflow is king, and while businesses vainly try to stay open in the hope they get people through the door, their funds are drained by utility bills, staffing and rates. That’s a harsh, unkind situation. We can only hope that The Chancellor today unveils measures that makes a real tangible difference to Small businesses. After all, the banks were bailed out in 2008 with enormous sums of money, surely that can be replicated for others? Perhaps.

What we could really do with is any kind of prediction on a date when this will start to ease and folk can start to gather again – AmDram, Festival organisers, Event producers, hotels etc can then hang their hat on that and say “from this date we’ll be back in business”. We all know the implications of Covid-19 but at some point there has to be some kind of decision on when we can all resume reality?