Price Beating Guarantee - How it Works





Price Beating GuaranteeContact us to request a quotation, specifying what you would like to hire and when.

If our quotation is more expensive, or the same price, as an alternative supplier then forward a copy of their quotation to us.

Our hire and sales team will then beat the price and forward you a new quotation.


Hire Price Beating Guarantee Terms & Conditions:

- Hi-Lights must receive a copy of your quotation from an alternative supplier
- The suppliers alternative quotation must be for similar dates to those requested by you
- The suppliers quotation must be for a similar quality product(s)
- Delivery and collection may be charged additionally
- Quoted prices for equipment are subject to availability and may change at any time until the order is confirmed and accepted by Hi-Lights
- We reserve the right to withdraw or remove this promotion at any time
- Hi-Lights' standard terms & conditions apply
- The ‘Price Beating Guarantee' offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion
- All prices quoted are excluding VAT