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Price £56.00 ex VAT
Weight: 20 kg

Item Details

The Electric Air Cannon is designed to fire streamers, glitter or confetti up to 15 metres, at any angle, with minimum noise. It is particularly useful in venues where pyrotechnics are not an option. Each firing requires a small CO2 bulb to be simply screwed into the front of the unit, a lifting cap to be inserted into the barrel, followed by the consumables and then a back pressure cap over the end of the barrel.

To use this rental equipment you will also need to purchase air cannon shots (per each “shot” from the cannon), plus associated glitter, confetti or streamers.

Important information regarding the Electric Air Cannon kit.

Users should read the attached instructions and be fully aware of the use of this equipment.

Ensure all air cannons are secured and safety wires are attached.

Check the trajectory of cannons, ensuring proximity of lights, vulnerable and fragile items from impact. Serious injury to persons and/or damage to property may occur due to improper use of this equipment.

Le Maitre Air Cannon Instructions

Technical Info

Power Connector 13 amp