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Price £7.80 ex VAT
Size: 50m x 0.05m (LxW)

Item Details

MagTape® , our best-selling professional matt gaffer tape, designed for the entertainment industry. This tape offers a super-matt surface, strong adhesion and quick removal. Removing this tape leaves minimal, if any, residue on a huge variety of surfaces*, Its durable, yet remains easy to tear by hand across both the length and width of the tape, so is ideal for on the spot applications.

  • Professional grade camera tape
  • Non-reflective matt finish
  • Residue resistant adhesive*
  • Flexible & conformable
  • Write-on surface
  • Easy tear by hand
  • Durable
  • Designed for TV, movie, arts and entertainment professionals
  • Available in a number of colour options.

*always test on a small area first