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Item Details

Bright and super-fast, with a sharp parallel beam that cuts through the air. The Robe Pointe is the go-to moving head fixture for sharp beams, amazing effects and vivid colour mixing. Provided in a four way kit.

It can project a static or rotating glass gobo  and add in a prism. With 13 built in colours you can quickly create stunning effects. The Robe Point allows pan movement of 540° and a tilt movement of 270°, with controllable speed of both movements.

  • Zoom range: 2,5° – 10° in Beam mode, 5° – 20° in Spot mode
  • Rotating and static gobo wheel with circular 8-facet and linear 6-facet prism

Colour Mixing

  • Colour wheel: 13 dichroic filters + white
  • Frost: Separate, variable
  • Pre-programmed random strobe & pulse effects
  • Dimmer: 0 – 100%

Robe Pointe Manual

Technical Info

Power Connector PowerCon
Lamp Osram Sirius HRI 280 W RO
DMX 3 Pin / 5 Pin