15 January 2010

Hi-Lights launch Free Battery Recycling Service

Hi-Lights today announced the launch of its free battery recycling service. This scheme will contribute to the UK's Battery Directive that sets portable battery collection targets of 25% by 2012 rising to 45% by September 2016.

From today, a free recycling point will be available in store to allow customers to dispose of their old batteries for recycling.

This scheme is part of the company's drive to help customers cut down on their waste. The battery recycling service follows last year's launch of their lamp recycling service which has already seen thousands of lamps saved from landfill.

While the average household uses 21 batteries a year, which is 25,000 tonnes of batteries annually, equivalent to 150 Jumbo jets, the UK only recycles 1,000 tonnes of batteries every year. The new scheme, together with others introduced under the new EU Battery Directive, is expected to increase this number significantly.

Hi-Lights' General Manager Scott Rowland said: "Our customers are recycling more and more but we want to make it easier for them. This is a major green step forward because we are extending the amount that people can recycle. Furthermore, we have decided to open this facility to the general public and therefore hope to have a greater impact on the environment."

Further details can be found on the Hi-Lights website.