25 May 2010

Hi-Lights launches lamp and light bulb.

Hi-Lights is now providing a unique recycling facility at their head office in Gateshead for the co-collection of lamps and  light bulbs.

New legislation means that from 1st February all retailers are required to provide recycling, and Hi-Lights has partnered with light-bulb recycling specialists Recolight to provide co-collection facilities for lamps and light bulbs as well.

The scheme makes Hi-Lights the first local hire company to offer the joint collection of light bulbs and tubes; following a successful pilot in 2009, the scheme has now been made permanent.

Consumers can currently recycle end-of-life energy-saving light bulbs at any of the country's 1,100 civic amenity sites. However, this partnership is an important step in providing consumers with a wider range of options to make recycling of lamps and light bulbs as easy as possible.

Recolight Chief Executive Nigel Harvey said "Recolight is a not for profit organisation dedicated to maximising the recycling of fluorescent tubes which includes energy-saving light bulbs. We have already had considerable success keeping commercial lamps out of landfill.

The scheme uses specially designed collection containers, placed at Hi-Lights' head office. All light bulbs collected will be sent for recycling at approved treatment facilities.

Further information can be found at hi-lights.tv/recycle.

Notes to editor's About Recolight

Recolight is a not-for-profit producer-led compliance scheme specialising in the recycling of gas discharge lamps (GDLs) in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. This includes compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) such as energy-saving light bulbs. Recolight was established by the UK lamp producers who account for a significant share of the UK market. Its members are producers and importers of WEEE who put new lamps on the market for the first time in the UK, and are therefore obliged to comply with the WEEE Regulations. Recolight offers specialist lamp recycling services, advice and support to help all parties in the supply chain recycle their lamps as simply and efficiently as possible. For more information visit the Recolight website www.recolight.co.uk