24 November 2010

Hi-Lights - First Lee Filter distributor to stock the new 525 Argent Blue

Following the launch of their ‘Designer Series', Hi-Lights have become the first Lee Filters distributer to stock the exclusive new shade 525 Argent Blue.

The colour forms part of a series that have been exclusively designed by a group of guest lighting designers to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of Lighting&Sound International which will be fully released in spring 2011.

Designed by Tanya Burns of Imagination, she set out to create a new Lee Filter to recreate the ‘ambient light on a cold winter's night'. Following numerous experiments, the perfect combination of dyes was found to give the filter a ‘silvery' quality, enabling it to fit seamlessly into the existing Lee Filters blue palette. The hand-coated Lee 525 allows a more subtle effect than the existing blues, giving lighting designers the ability to highlight faces without losing the ambient light.

With Hi-Lights you can be one of the first to get hold of this new bespoke colour direct from hi-lights.tv/shop

Keep checking for more information on the release of the whole ‘Designer Series' in spring 2011.

Source: Lighting&Sound - August-September 2010