Prolyte Outdoor Stages

Our outdoor stages are manufactured by Prolyte, a globa; leader in truss and ground support systems. We offer a range of outdoor stage sizes up to 18 metres wide, which can additionally include cowshed spaces for crew and equipment space. Front of House positions, access platforms and VIP areas are also available.

Alongside our stages we offer a full production service, including stage lighting, PA & AV, as well as power generation and full site infrastructure.

Layher Platforms & Allround Scaffolding

Alongside our Prolyte stage structures, we use Layher to build our large platform structures. Layher can be built on most surfaces to create a flat platform of any size.

Layher is the industry leader in safe, speedy and versatile scaffolding structures. It provides a solid performance area, offering a fast and efficient build process. We typically install base platforms in a few hours, providing a solid base to continue building truss roof structures up, or handrailing an open platform to keep performers and crew safe.

We love to be challenged! Need a stage over a football stadium stand? Or a floating stage just under the water line? With Layher, we can create a structure of any size in pretty much any environment. The system can be built upwards on any gradient, using a combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal bracing which only requires hammering into position. A range of specialist bases, handrails and other accessories are available to give the structure a final finish.

Layher Alllround Scaffolding Rental

Alongside our build service, we also offer Layher for rental. We stock a large range of Layher items; as well as the usual components we also now stock Layher Protect, allowing you to create a cassette enclosure system which provides a largely dust-proof, vacuum-compatible and waterproof space in which to work. We regularly use Layher Protect to provide secure front-of-house positions, or to provide a temporay site to house projection or architectural lighting.

Looking to hire Layher? Send us a message to see how we can help.