Compliant Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling
Batteries are made of hazardous components and toxic chemicals that can be released into our environment if they are not properly disposed of. Recycling your old and used batteries ensures that our soil stays clean and undisturbed from battery waste.

Almost 100% of a lead acid battery can be reused. Recycling keeps us from using up the Earth's limited resources and keeps CO2 emissions low.

Batteries are an important part of our day to day lives but just as we must be responsible as to how we use batteries, we must also be responsible in how we handle these batteries after they are of no use to us.

As part of our commitment to protecting our environment we are now able to offer free battery recycling facilities. All types of portable batteries are accepted and can be brought to our unit in Gateshead.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Charge for this Service?
No. This service is completely free of charge.

What are the Opening Times?

 Monday  08:00 till 17:30   
 Tuesday  08:00 till 17:30
 Wednesday     08:00 till 17:30
 Thursday  08:00 till 17:30
 Friday  08:00 till 17:30
 Saturday  Closed
 Sunday  Closed





What Types of Batteries are Recycled?
All types of portable batteries will be accepted including AA, 9v, AAA, C & D and will be fully recycled. All that we ask is that batteries are removed from the cardboard boxes/sleeves.

Do I need to be a Hi-Lights Customer to use the Facilities?
No. Although we would love for you to become one of our customers, we are an open site and accept batteries from all companies and individuals.

Did you know.....
When batteries end up at landfill, the resulting effect of the chemicals contained in them have a very negative impact on the environment. Chemicals from the batteries leach into the water table and can pollute the surrounding area for many years to come.