WEEE Compliant Lamp & Light Bulb Recycling

Lamp Recycling
As part of our commitment to our environment we now offer lamp and light bulb recycling facilities. All types of lamps are accepted and can be brought to our unit in Gateshead.


Frequently Asked Questions  

Is there a Charge for this Service?
No. This service is completely free of charge and is funded by the WEEE charge you pay when purchasing lamps. 

What are the Opening Times?

 Monday  08:00 till 17:30   
 Tuesday  08:00 till 17:30
 Wednesday     08:00 till 17:30
 Thursday  08:00 till 17:30
 Friday  08:00 till 17:30
 Saturday  Closed
 Sunday  Closed





What Types of Lamps are Recycled?
All types of lamps will be accepted and will be fully recycled. All that we ask is that lamps are removed from the cardboard boxes/sleeves.

Do I need to be a Hi-Lights Customer to use the Facilities?
No. Although we would love for you to become one of our customers, we are an open site and accept lamps from all companies and individuals.

How do I obtain a consignment note?
As a business, all Hazardous Waste moved from your premises to a collection point (or to a recycler) has to be accompanied by a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note HWCN01v111.  This form is available to download from the Environment Agency and should be completed prior to depositing your lamps with us.  Please note that this is only applicable for business and not required for individuals.

What is True Lamp Recycling?
Lamps containing mercury are generally made up from 84% glass content, 12% metal parts and around 4% phosphor powder (which contains the mercury). There are many companies who claim to recycle lamps but don't in fact recycle the hazardous part of the lamp, the mercury.

The only successfully proven method for recovering mercury is to distil the phosphor powder for up to 16 hours in a substantial distillation plant requiring a six figure investment.

True lamp recycling means recovering everything and it certainly does not mean landfilling the mercury or using an outfit who claim to send the mercury for recovery but in practice don't follow this up.

Did you know.....
That the mercury from just one fluorescent tube can pollute 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe level for drinking? ... Makes you think!