The Changing Face

The Brief

Commissioned as part of the Welcome Project for Dott 07, the Changing Face was to be screened onto the Royal Tweed Bridge for the first three days of the Festival.

This large-scale outdoor projected installation was to be sited at the juncture of Berwick’s points of transit, the crossing of its three famous bridges with the River Tweed, the geographical division between England and Scotland. It would consist of a dramatic series of morphing portraits and text, suspended under the central arch of the Royal Tweed Bridge, creating a mirror image through its reflection in the river below. Seen from the Old Bridge and Quayside, it had to offer a complex and socially dynamic welcome for the visitor, one that is not solely based on history, but complemented by a focus on the present and future potential of the region.

The Changing Face, Berwick

The Solution

We suspended a 15m2 screen from the bridge using a catenary wire system, ensuring that the screen remained ridged and tensioned. The screen was made from a white plastic gauze to enhance the image and reduce the wind loading thus reduce billowing.

A Barco R18 projector was used to project from a distance of 85 meters. The projector boasts an innovative Digital Light Processing sub-system, including high-resolution Digital Mirror Devices and a state-of-the-art optical system. It delivers an ultra-high light output of 17 500 Centre lumens producing a bright, crisp and detailed image despite the throw distance.