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Smoke, Haze, Bubble & Snow

Bubble Fluid (5ltr)

This water based liquid for use with most types of bubble machines

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Low Fog Fluid, Showtec (5ltr)

Designed to be used in a variety of different low fog machines. Designed to provide you with a low fog effect similar to dry ice.

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Robe Performance Fog Fluid (5ltr)

Robe Performance Fog Fluid creates a moderately dense and durable fog.

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Robe Premium Fog Fluid (5ltr)

Robe Premium Fog Fluid produces an extremely dense and very long-lasting fog.

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Smoke Fluid, Global Deluxe Mini Mist Canister (400ml)

This fluid has been our long standing blend. Standard fluid is clean and practically odourless.

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Snow Fluid, Venu (5ltr)

Snow fluid is suitable for most waterbased snow machines and produces a fluffy white artificial foam based snow.

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Venu Haze Fluid (5ltr)

A water based liquid designed for use with most common brands of haze machine.

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