“May you live in interesting times”

The current situation with Covid-19, whatever your personal view on the issue, presents a challenge to everyone who works in the entertainment industry on any level. When the population is asked not to gather socially, the events that the industry would usually service simply disappear. Those of us who are involved in the business side of this industry see income drop away in dramatic fashion, those who are involved for enjoyment are faced with wasted months of work and not-insignificant expense. It’s a situation none of us have experienced before and right now, the upcoming months are looking like a grim prospect for us all. We’re being advised daily on what we can’t do, what we shouldn’t do and what might happen if we take no notice.

So what can we do?

  • Talk – Make sure everyone around you and involved in your event is up to date and aware of what’s going on. The more we can come together and discuss practical solutions then the easier this situation is to manage. Whether that is cancellation, postponement or adjustment – making that decision is tangible progress and will reduce anxiety.

  • Take your information from the right source – Remember the media is there to generate clicks and sell newspapers, and creating anxiety and a worry mindset is part of that process. Use official news sources for facts and guidance.

  • Suppliers – Talk to them, and that includes us! Suppliers are already acutely aware of the challenges we’re about to face. Discuss your options – almost always a supplier will work with you to resolve any situation sensibly.

Until the Government decides that public gatherings are banned, then your event or show still has a chance of going ahead. The best you can do at the minute is to put yourself in a position to be reactive to changing circumstances. We’re seeing work being cancelled – but we’re also still seeing work going ahead, some in a reduced capacity but some as if nothing was happening. Be prepared to change plans at short notice – prepare for a worst case scenario and consider how you would deal with it. Anything above that is at the moment, quite frankly, a bonus.

What are Hi-Lights doing now?

Taking time to reflect on decisions and the impact they will have. We’re using this time to decide how to improve our company and come out of this stronger.

  • Supporting our customers – We understand that this is an extremely uncertain and difficult time. Our customers need support while they work their way through their particular issues that are now appearing. We’re determined to help in any way we can.

  • Maintenance – We’re usually coming out of our maintenance phase of the year over the next month, we’re thinking of this as an opportunity to get even more done.

  • Improving our skills – We now have some time to evaluate what we’re good at and what we can be better at. Taking some time for reflection on what skills we have and what we can improve on or develop.

  • Investing in ourselves – Time is not something we often have the luxury of having. Now we can improve our practices, our environment and our business to come out of the other side stronger, more efficient and capable of taking on even more work than we had before.

This situation will come to an end at some point. How we manage the time between now and that point is crucial, so make informed decisions.

If you need to contact us to discuss any development on your situation or just want to chat about your event and your options for rearrangement please give us a call. We’re always happy to help.