A proud North East company


We are proud to offer a completely free service to companies and organisations in the North East of England – we will travel to you with a van of equipment and a generator and light up your building to help you show your support during this crisis. As a small company ourselves, we’re keenly aware of how much this Covid-19 situation is affecting our businesses. As passionate supporters of people in our area we decided that as we had the time and the equipment to hand we are in a position to help those who may not be able to afford it show their support for the incredible staff of the NHS and care services who are getting us through this crisis. The selfless efforts of those staff deserve all the recognition we can give them and this is our small part in helping that happen.

Contact us on 0191 4950608 or at hello@hi-lights.tv with your details and we’ll get back to you to arrange everything.

Gardiner Crescent Surgery, County Durham

Support your local businesses

Spend in the North East

As we go through this current situation, an idea struck us at Hi-Lights. Why do we spend so much money outside of our own region at times when businesses most need local support? We decided that from now onwards we will do our very utmost to make sure that whenever we use suppliers or contractors we will make absolutely sure we use a North of England supplier. There are companies from the South of the country that have the ability to scale up to many times the size of northern companies just because of their locality – the south has more people and often, more wealth to spread around. It’s all too tempting to use these big companies for sheer convenience in our online world. Shopping locally makes a difference. It keeps jobs in our area.