Performance spaces, structures, staging and platforms

We believe that all staging structures should be strong, capable and safe for your event, and to achieve that we work only to manufacturer specifications at all times. Load ratings for wind and hang capacity from the structures are always available. Always check that any structure you use for your event can provide this information.

Prolyte Arc Roof Stage

8m by 6m versatile stage

Versatile and strong

This 8m x 6m stage is perfect for smaller events or locations.


Med ST Prolyte Stage

Our most popular stage

Ideal for Festivals

This 11m x 9m stage is perfect for festivals and concerts. 


Large ST Prolyte Stage

18m by 14m Large Scale Events

Big event stage

This 18m x 14m stage suits your large scale festivals and events


NEW FOR 2022

We have added a 10m x 12m Festival stage to our stock – details to follow soon!

Other structures and platforms.

We can also provide additional structures for your events – VIP areas, Front of House positions, Disabled persons viewing platforms on any scale. With hundreds of stage decks in stock we can build in any location and to any size.

Prolyte H30 PA Support V-Tower

PA support tower

Line array tower

PA Tower with a 7.6m lifting height.


Front of House Positions

Cover for your desks and cameras

Bespoke for your event

Bespoke structures to suit the event, single or two level.


Platforms and Structures

Any venue and scale

Safe, strong platforms

We have the experience and expertise to tackle any big idea.


Friendly advice

Not sure what stage you need? Need a chat about your event? We’re more than happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations on stages, structures and platforms to make your event work. We’re trusted by hundreds of clients to facilitate festivals, ceremonies, awards dinners and many more.