Venue Installation

We’ve installed new stage lighting, sound and AV systems into venues and theatres across the UK. We can supply equipment into a new venue, or breathe new life into a theatre with a refurbishment.

We provide a full wrap-around service, from initial design of your venue space, through installation and ongoing servicing of your equipment. Many of our clients ask us back each year, to service previous installations and keep them in top shape.

We provide full installation services into theatres, music, hospitality and education venues, including curtain tracks, stage lighting, PA, microphones and sound systems, video walls, and AV systems, truss, rigging and temporary stage systems. Find out more about our services below.

We’re education venue specialists, creating easy to use theatre and multi-use spaces in schools, colleges and universities. We can provide a simple lighting system in your main hall, or a full theatre install on your school stage. Older school theatres can be refurbished to bring them back to a professional standard.

No Obligation Quotes

We offer a no-obligation site visit, where we’ll offer some solutions for your venue, and discuss what you’d like to achieve. We’ll follow this up with a quote detailing the various options available to you, so you can choose the best solution for your venue at the right price. Contact us to see how we can help.

We can supply curtain (tab) tracks and drapes for your venue. Our most popular tracks are the traditional traveller style (opening from the centre outwards to each side) or single tracks for scenic cloths, but we also offer other styles including Kabuki and Guillotine style openings.

We offer drapes for stage FOH curtains, wings and room partitions. Our most popular drapes are black wool serge for stages, but we can provide FOH curtains, coloured wings, twill, dimalan and silk options.

We offer a no-obligation site visit to offer the best options for your venue.

We supply and install full lighting systems for any venue, including theatres, music venues, multi-use spaces and exhibition venues. We offer a range of generic and intelligent fixtures, including the latest LED and IP rated fixtures on the market, alongside traditional dimming systems and full lighting control systems.

We’re official distributors for Sennheiser, the market leaders in vocal and instrument microphones, radio microphones and accessories including the latest digital ranges. A full range of accessories, including mic stands, cables and multicores are also available.

We’re distributors for RCF, the leader in venue and touring PA systems. Whether you need a sound system in a theatre, a school, or in an exhibition centre, we can help. From smaller systems for local productions, right up to large systems for incoming tours, we have the solution for you. 

Alongside speaker systems, we offer a full range of sound control desks from Allen & Heath, DigiCo and others, as well as media playback and the latest wireless and multi-zone control systems.

We can install projectors and screens, paired with PA systems, conference systems and multi-mic setups. We also install LED video walls, as well as multi-zone AV systems for breakout rooms and multi-use spaces.

We’re distributors for Prolyte and NEXT, two of the most trusted brands in truss manufacturing. We offer ground supported and hanging truss systems to your venue specification, for theatre, music or enhibition use. We also install truss into multi-use spaces including art galleries and school spaces.

We can provide stage platforms for your venue, whether temporary or permanent, including tiered seating, tiered performance spaces for music, or temporary stages for performance. Alongside the main platforms, we offer a range of accessories including steps, skirting, handrails and storage units. 

We offer a range of wired and wireless communication solutions for your venue or theatre. We can integrate cue light systems, stage management desks and FOH systems together, to give your venue a full show communications package.