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Price £80.00 ex VAT
Weight: 16 kg

Item Details

The DF-50 diffusion hazer offers a gentle, safe haze during your event.

The DF-50 uses oil-based haze fluid, generating no unpleasant smell. It can run for up to 35 hours on just 2 litres of fluid (if used as per manufacturers specification). The patented fluid used it the unit leaves no residue, so nothing to clean up afterwards.

We supply the DF-50 with fluid, however addition fluid can be purchased. It’s good to go straight from the box with no warm up period needed and simply plugs in as normal (no DMX control is available).

Unlike other effects machines in our range, the Df-50 does not come with fluid, which can be purchased separately. Please note this hazer is oil-based; water based fluids are not suitable and will damage the machine.

DF-50 Hazer Manual