Project Description

NUFS at Civic Centre Newcastle

Newcastle University Fashion Society has big ideas. Their annual fashion show grows year-on-year in scale and ambition, and they attract an audience from across the country. Being a University however, means that they always have to live within their means – and our challenge is to deliver the big ideas to their budget. The brief was to deliver lighting to the shaped catwalk area, sound for the event and provide a videographer platform at 6ft height.

For the lighting we decided on this occasion to use lighting stands to keep costs down and achieve good coverage of the curved catwalk area surrounded by audience, so placement of the stands could be flexible and be adjusted on the day. The 650w fresnels meant we could use power around the room without having to use the more costly big mains adaptors and cabling, so 3-channel dimmers were used at the base of each stand with DMX control linking back to a central point.

The sound system connected to all the audio for the event, including video footage. We used RCF312a to provide plenty of power and flexibility for stand placement.

The video was rigged on a stand as, in the absence of and other rigging, the placement for where the projection was needed was in the audience area. The floor stand meant we could raise the projector out of the way of any obstruction or interference and still keep it located where it needed to be.

The videographer platform was constructed from Prolyte stage Dex on 6ft supports. The base was then braced for extra strength and stability, and the platform was surrounded by Prolyte handrails, with an adjustable staircase providing access to the side. A drape was tied around the platform to make sure it didn’t catch the eye when the catwalk was then lit.

Our team arrived on site at 8am and had all systems ready for the rehearsal at midday. The show was a big hit with the audience, and well received. All equipment was de-rigged and removed immediately after the show at 9pm.

Project Gallery



8 Doughty 4m Triple extension stands

24 Strand Quartet Fresnels

6 ETC Source4 Jr.

8 Zero88 Dimmers


3 RCF 312a Speakers

6 channel mixer with multiple inputs


Optoma 5k HDMI widescreen projector

Unicol projector stand

Videographer platform

2 x Prolyte Stage Dex

3 x 2m Prolyte handrails

1 x 1m Prolyte Handrail

Model 4 steps

Black serge NDFR drape